Elkhunt in Sweden

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Elkhunt in Sweden
Image Title: Elkhunt in Sweden
Description: Elkhunt in Sweden.

Niclas is a carpenter, daily he starts at 6 o'clock and takes the small roads back home to see where are the animals to hunt for, his life is all about hunting, he moves with the different time zones to have the Elk hunt 3 times.

local hunters from Bergslagens in central Sweden with their rifles, most of them use the weapon that is in the family for decades.

For centuries the moose hunt is a very important tradition in Sweden
Shifted from hunting for food, towards a life style, for many who live in the city it's their way to explore the country feeling.
About 100.000 moose get shot down every year just before the winter falls.
They are criticized by animal protection groups but with limited success,
one of the reasons is that Swedish princess Victoria is a hunter and great protector of the hunting tradition, one of the reasons that female hunting has become populair in Sweden
Credit: eddy van wessel

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